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0.062% 30 year fixed interest rate. No PMI, no closing costs. Credit score= 598. Less than 30k TOTAL including buydown interest being paid on a 382k loan(405k purchase price)

Naca is one of the best things that has ever happened to my growing family. You have to be extremely patient, extremely persistent, and extremely DETERMINED. Point blank... if you want all they have to offer... you have to work for it. Sure the process can be a complete nightmare at times..... but it is always worth it in the end. ALWAYS worth it. Going the FHA route is terrible.(at least for the lower middle class and lower class) If your rich enough to blow away hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your life in interest... go FHA. FHA is the easy way out. FHA is the cop out! Naca saved me over 300 GRAND compared to FHA.... and literally doubled my purchasing power!!!!! lets say for instance I spent 300 hours on my file in the 7 months it took me from start to finish through naca....I just paid myself $1,000 an hour. Naca only added approx 2 months compared to FHA route. EVEN IF IT hypothetically added 1-2 years it's still worth it! In the MD/DC/VA metropolitan area.... thats literally the difference between a 50-70 year old SHACK/smaller townhouse through FHA vs a DREAM house less than 6 years old with over 3,600sqft with upgrades nearly all throughout the house with NACA.

BOTTOM LINE, the program works if you work the program. There are ALWAYS difficult times... and sometimes things may not work out EXACTLY how you want them to workout.... but I am living proof that it does in fact work......feel free to message me if you want more information/learn how I was able to fully utilize all naca had to offer.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

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Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #1272805

With such large demand in these NACA offices I am willing to help you through the NACA process in any way I can! From start to finish.

I can be here as a mentor, as a friend, as somebody to vent to throughout your process. My phone and email are ALWAYS open. I have had my own unique experience through the program. I have made friends all around the country whom have also had similar experiences(and different).

I know people with 0.0625%, .125%, .8%, 2%, 1.1%, the list goes on!! Often times I see, and hear about far too many people who decide to quit the program for various different reasons. I really dislike seeing that because the program simply brings far too much VALUE to pass up on for the other outdated expensive mortgage options filled with FEES & mass amounts of INTEREST!!! I receive emails from people from all around the country and I cannot express how great it feels to be able to talk someone out of quitting the program for various different reasons.

Most times all somebody needs is just someone who has BEEN THERE….EXPERIENCED a setback and simply the need to VENT. A SETBACK IS SIMPLY A SETUP FOR A COMEBACK!!!! These NACA counselors are FAR too busy to be dealing with VENTING. I have no problem taking on that task!

Bring it on!

Seriously, if your in the DMV area, reach out to me. Kris.fraley@gmail.com.

Below I will post a review I have posted many times throughout various different channels:

This organization has changed the course of my familys life!

-Interest Rate: 0.0625%(Yes that is 1/16th of 1%) 30 years FIXED

-NO PMI, MIP etc. -I paid NO closing costs -Credit score at time of closing: 598, seriously. -No down payment required(“Principle Reduction” may be required if you buy the interest rate all the way down such as I did, but this is not the norm) This can get confusing very quickly, so for now just know there is no down payment required initially on loans, only if you decide to buy the interest rate down, and even then depending on how far you buy it down.

Purchase Price: 405k Loan Amount: 383k Total Mortgage Payment: $1474 Principle & Interest: $1074 Property Taxes & Insurance: $400 Under $1500 a month for a 6 YEAR old house with 1.33 acres located in Frederick County(little north of the DMV- DC/Maryland/Virginia) Ill explain this as easy as I can. I paid 25k to the bank upfront to buy the rate from 3.5%~ to about 1.75%. I then put down 22k into a “downpayment” aka “principle reduction” and the bank matched that dollar for dollar in further reducing the rate to the lowest allowed by law through CITI BANK to 0.0625%. This is a fixed interest rate.

In addition to the 25k interest I paid up front I will be paying roughly $3000 in interest amortized over 30 years(practically nothing) So total interest paid: 28k on a 383k loan. OH but not so fast… I just received a 6k tax refund solely due to deducting the points paid last year. So make that a total of 22k interest on a 383k loan! YOU CANNOT GET THIS ANYWHERE ELSE!

IT IS CRAZY!!! The cost to pay for the interest rate upfront LITERALLY pays for itself in 1.5 years! The amount of interest and fees I am saving over the course of 30 years is approximately $320,000!!!!! That is CRAZY!

FHA you need a 3.5% down payment, Conventional is what 10-20%? Then you have to worry about PMI and MIP… and another “fees” the banks charge you. Its all a bunch of ludicrous. The banks DONT CARE about you.

NACA DOES care about you. SO your saying to yourself: “WOW!!! There must be a catch……” Here’s the catch: You must be PATIENT, you must be PERSISTENT, and you must be DETERMINED. Naca doesnt just “give out” this mortgage terms.

You have to EARN IT. You have to understand how the process works. You have to put in “SWEAT EQUITY”. The process is not FAST.

If your looking for a 123 quick mortgage this program is NOT for you. YOU have to be the one on top of your file 24/7. YOU have to be the one who wants “next level” home ownership REAL BAD. My process took pretty much the same amount of time an FHA loan would have taken, maybe 1~ month longer.

I typically try and speak at workshops in the Baltimore area at least once every 2 months or so. I used to be one of those people sitting in the workshops listening to official home owners talking about the program. Now I get to share my success story with everyone else. Nobody is going to stop you through this program but YOURSELF.

I read all of these negative online. Practically all of them have everything to do with ones own lack of preparation, lack of knowledge of the program, lack of personal responsibility, complaining the process is too slow. Listen, the process WORKS. It really does.

It does not work for everyone, but it can. The process is not perfect by any means. The counselors are EXTREMELY overworked. Some counselors may have 100+ people they are trying to assist!

The way I look at it, some of the best things in life just TAKE TIME. You cant RUSH greatness. Listen, I grew up on section 8 housing my entire life as a kid. For the first 9 years of my adult life I was renting one crummy apartment after another.

I learned about the naca process in 2010. It took me YEARS to grow into the person that had enough DISCIPLINE to obtain these phenomenal mortgage terms. I developed an immense amount of patience. I made HUGE SACRIFICES.

Dont ever let anyone tell you what you cant do. YOU have the ability to decide to go after whatever it is you want in life. My mother lives with me. I feel HONORED to be able to put my mother in such a wonderful HOME.

I will NEVER have to worry about forclosure EVER. I am not some “special guy” I am not made of money. I am about as common as can be if you were to pass me on the sidewalk. However, I have this immense amount of DETERMINATION, AMBITION, that you cannot buy at walmart.

You have it too! You may just not know it yet! If you live in the DC/VA/MD area and would like me to assist you through becoming a “next level” home owner, feel free to email me at kris.fraley@gmail.com and I will do everything within my power to help you. I can help you locally.

We can either meetup, or we can talk on the phone. I can help you get all of your paperwork ready etc. Explain to you from A to Z what the process is going to require. Having someone like me on your side through this process is PRICELESS!!!

I have met numerous people throughout the country through this program! Even had a family stop by our house to have lunch on their way to the beach!

How amazing!!! My real estate team is: www.entouragerg.com, You can call me at 301-661-6159 you can either email me at kris.fraley@gmail.com, or zerdownloanexpert@entouragerg.com -Kris

to krisfnbs #1400729

I completely understand your post and have been reading testimonies from different ppl. I must say you're the first I heard to have put $25000 to pay down the interest.

I'm wondering did you get a loan for that amount or pulled it from savings? Interested in the program but if I need that amount of money to receive a great interest rate then this program may not be for me, I don't have $25000 on standby.

Muncie, Indiana, United States #1226045

Did you have to pay for this ad? And what's the catch (if anyone has a real answer - I don't want something copied off the site)? Or are we to believe that someone with a garbage credit score of 598 is just freely given a low interest rate?

to Anonymous Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #1272799

Feel free to believe what you want, but it is the truth. I am a real person.

I will email you a copy of my mortgage statement. Email me: Kris.fraley@gmail.com

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1212505

Gotta say Tim, your information has been great. You told me about the wealth building program awhile ago.

It was a tough choice, but I did it.

I've been paying my mortgage for about 4 months now and it's great to see the progress in making every month I get my statement. Keep informing the people Tim, your a great NACA ambassador.

to Anonymous Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #1272800
Amazing sir! I am overjoyed you have a NACA loan! :)
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1212502

I agree 1000%. The part that people are missing is the patience.

Everything out there is about fast, fast, fast. But NACA is about right. The business doesn't have the staffing that normal mortgage companies do. Those are the reason your paying those rates.

I waited a year and a half, because I had a short sale. In the end I got a $365000 home @ .25%.

How you like me now???? NACA is the bomb.

to Kevin Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #1272802

AMAZING!!! That's pretty much a 0% interest rate mortgage such as myself. I am glad you stuck it out with NACA!!!!

Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States #1026282

I live in the DMV area and I am looking into giving this program a try. Hope it goes well for me. Thanks for sharing your experience!

NACA Verified Representative

Hello Roo and isa,

Plesae also feel free to post any questions you amy have to our Forum at http://forums.naca.com

Tim Trumble

Online Operations, NACA


Fort Worth, Texas, United States #964133

Kris, this is Rashad. You are awesome man. I love your enthusiasm!

to Rashad #964267

Whats up buddy, we're doin it big!


Are you sure about that pmi?Last I heard that is a federal law.Better reread your paperwork.

to mi #959353

100% sure there is NO PMI.....EVER....PMI is a joke. NACA has been around for years and as long as I can remember one of the main advantages of going through them is NO PMI....

Hollywood, Florida, United States #958188

Hello what is exactly what they do? I.

Planning to start thr process after my workshop hoping by December I can have my house. What do you think the chaces are of that?

to isa Ashburn, Virginia, United States #959248

Naca is an organization who counsels individuals on everything regarding home ownership. I would say to get all the basic information you need to attend a local workshop.

Everyone's timeframe through naca is different. The quickest is typically 6-12 months from start to finish with everything.

However it can also take 1-3 years. PATIENCE in the end....will save you TENS and HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars......up for you to decide if your willing to be patient enough.



My wife and I are thinking about going through NACA to purchase our first home. I was wondering if you could contact me with any advice you have from working with NACA.


to Roo Ashburn, Virginia, United States #959249

Feel free to email me at kris.fraley@gmail.com with any questions you may have.

NACA Verified Representative

Thank you for sharing your story and showing just how successful the NACA program can be for someone who is dedicated to becoming a homeowner and has the drive to see it through to the end. Congratulations!

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