I been going through this program since last October and now that its time for me to close its been one disappointment after another. They constantly ask for the same paperwork over and over again. I really wish I had never went through this program. Now that they have...
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I liked
  • Idea of the program
I didn't like
  • Customer service
  • Loss of money 2850
We started the process in 2016, we attended a workshop and met our first MC, she prepared us well for the process and told us to be patient and what to expect. We were patient and did everything that we were asked, even sending the same items multiple times. After a...
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Naca Verified Representative

Congratulations on sticking with it and getting the approval amount you were seeking. It once again shows that patience and persistence do in fact pay off with the NACA progra...

Being Honest

I agree with the OP that NACA is very unorganized. I disagree that it’s too good to be true.Facts:No downpaymentNo PMINo closing costBelow market interest rateMore facts:Unpro...

I live in Birmingham, al...My husband and attended a NACA workshop in Sep 24, today is Oct 10, nobody has yet to call or email us about the 1st intake appointment..i had to call to get my naca id because no one ..after we was told that we should receive an email by...
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Naca Verified Representative

Please contact NACA Member Services at 425-602-6222 and they will help you get the situation clarified regarding the different ID numbers.As is explained during the workshop a...

Fultondale, Alabama
I bought a home in Boston through NACA five years ago. The house is a multifamily and is now in need of small repairs and new appliances for tenants and myself. I contacted NACA after I learned through my bank that NACA still had LIEN after the 5 years where I was told...
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I took the course at Naca office in Boston but I'm concerned about all the negative reviews. I'm a very organized person who started to organized my finances since 2016. I to...


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