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My husband and I started the NACA process in November of 2017 did the workshop, got our NACA ID, set up our first appointment with our MC. Sat and watched him upload our documents.

Here it is May 2018 and things aren't good, they're actually horrific. Appointments are getting canceled, paperwork ending up lost, paperwork isn't being uploaded even though I sat there and watched him upload our paper, counselors leaving. We get a new counselor who is just rude but she seemed more competent than the first MC. she had issues with me emailing her.

Mind you when our first counselor left he didn't do anything to our file the whole 6 months, so we basically had to start the process all over again with her. She gave us a new action plan with 20 more things to do before our next appointment. So yeah, I emailed her a lot. It's been 6 months and I'm not giving NACA another 6 months.

Our first MC sent our file to the underwriter incomplete, now the first counselor is back and we're forced to go back and waste even More time. It's been 6 months and we're no closer to buying our home than we were when we started the process. The only good thing is we are saving a lot of money. We are really just rethinking NACA and just going the traditional route.

At this point I'm just sick and tired of the runaround, the stall tactics, lost paperwork, rude counsellors, incompetent counselors--just Ughhh ‼ They say credit doesn't matter but they keep pulling our credit report. I've volunteered at their workshop missing work. Just a waste of time. The first MC canceled our new appointment with him, which is the norm.

You make appointments and they get changed or canceled and nobody calls you to explain why? We a have almost $10k saved and my husbands credit has went up. We have a plan B. NACA is just a mess.

They are constantly having workshops for new potential homebuyers but they haven't even taken care of the first very unhappy clients they already have... Some, that have been waiting months even YEARS! And they have the nerve to keep having workshops. We are looking to relocate to GA and NACA is really holding us up.

Horrible horrible company. NACA is a walking contradiction, they say they fight to stop predatory banks but their home loans are through the same predatory banks they advocate against. they say no credit, yet your credit will be pulled multiple times .. they say no downpayments, yet you do need at least $5k....

False advertisement.

Just run. If you have a year or more to waste NACA is perfect for you, but if you're looking to purchase a home within 2 months, NACA isn't for you move on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Home Loan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $180.

I didn't like: Incompetant, Can never talk to my counselor, Customer service and missing documents, Lack of solutions to get their jobs done on time, Communication.

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This does make me nervous since going to a workshop and that was unorganized and the customer service was lacking. I do want to buy a home before this year is up and it’s May but reading all these reviews I am not sure that is going to happen through NACA.

Is it better to save money or not have stress? Stress kills and money is wasted on so much in life but to have what you want when you want without stipulations sounds like a better option to me.

to dalyia2006 #1559742

That is not going to happen. They will do everything they can to hold you up.

Don't let them assign you a MC who is just stuck on stupid..... It'll be almost a year and you'll still be on step 3 of there 10 step process. It doesn't matter all your bills have been paid on time for years, good income, nice chunk of savings, credit score over 700 they will do their best to keep "pushing you back". My new counselor now wants to push us back 6 months.

She can suck it.

I'm taking my butt to BOA or a credit union. With our savings and grants we don't need them.


Yes thank you for your comment!! I've been on this site for a couple of years and trying to get people away from NACA.

Since I am not a client, it's good to hear from a client about their hypocritical stance. Their funding is from large banks who have and still do participate in predatory lending. NACA won't even invest their profits into a better system, higher paying counselors who actually know something about the mortgage industry. They string you along give you low ball mortgage amounts and forget about deadlines.This is why I get into with certain people who want to praise NACA because they got a low interest rate.

Big Deal!

You can save your downpayment (eliminate pmi) on any property, buy down points and still come out better without having a lien on your property.Tim dont even waste your time trying to reply because you have way too many negative complaints about your company than positive. Just work on getting suggestions to change it to your CEO.


Please file a complaint with the BBB. I found I received a response quicker through there quicker.


I work in a field that refers customers to NACA, and I have heard very similar reports

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