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I went to zillow to get an idea on the mortgage and home purchasing process. They linked me up with a local mortgage broker.

I was preapproved 135k by him. He told me I would take an inquiry hit on my credit report like I expected. I look on credit karma daily at my credit report. I spoke with a realtor and asked her opinion about naca.

She said she would ask colleages because she did not know. She got back to me and said if its for me then its for me but what she found out was the counselors make more commission the lower your credit and will drag out the process so you endure the hardships that come along with lengthy closing so your score drops more. She said she heard this. I looked up naca regardless.

To sign up for the workshop I had to give my ss# and date of birth. I thought it was odd but it seemed like a well known organization so i did. The next day I have two hard inquiries on my credit report. 1 for auto financing and another one i dnt know what it was but i am yuessing it was the preapporval from the broker.

I am just stating the facts of what happened during my researching process. The only two places that could have caused it was the broker(i know i was getting 1 inquiry) and naca. I am stating this as accurately as i can. I never looked for any other type of credit check in many months than the 1 preapproval on a mortgage.

I own a car and i had it for 2 years.

I fid not give any other website or person my personal info.What do you think happened with the information i gave? I would like to know myself but it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Mortgage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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NACA Verified Representative

If there was an unauthorized credit inquiry, either your information was sold by the mortgage broker or you have already been the victim of identity theft, perhaps as a result of the Equifax breach. Under no circumstances whatsoever did anyone get your information from NACA.As a HUD certified housing counseling agency, your personal information is never released to any outside group. Additionally, our NACA Lynx system is in fact more secure than most banks or government agencies and certainly more secure than Equifax, as shown by their recent massive data theft.In the 30 years since NACA's founding there has never been a case of identity theft associated with a NACA file, and I can guarantee you that your are not going to be the first.Tim TrumbleOnline Operations,

to NACA_Online #1492967

Wow your replies are thorough which I can appreciate, but your tone is slightly harsh.

to Anonymous #1495709

I agree! The tone is horrible and not professional, maybe soften the tone or try to fluff it up?

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