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Luckily, i quit on them after 3 mos of wasting my time, energy and money. I now am a homeowner by going through a real lender.

They make you pay a small fee...for what? I don't know. All of their people are incompetent and have no previous or long term experience and they are rude because they don't get compensated enough because they are not really agents. Just people volunteering and getting minimal pay if even that because naca requires volunteer work.

It is a legitimate program but the percentage of success is so very low after a long period of time and then afterward, it is still a nightmare with them as you have heard from other people. I did my research and dropped them so fast. I literally ran all over town trying to scan and email them 60+ pages of documents once every couple of weeks. I was on top of everything and for 3 mos...not going anywhere.

She would tell me those are the last documents that i need then i'm good to go then next month appointment she don't even remembered what we talked about and says she needs more updated documents because it's been a month. Well bitch...guess this is a never ending cycle and i will never be updated because it's a submit then wait process. GO TO A REAL LENDER!!! Don't be fooled by no down payments, low interest rate blah blah.

Their process take years. In this fast paced housing market, time is of the essence. If you are a minute late on your offer or naca doesn't want to give you that important letter or call, it's over.

Naca will only work if you have all of the time in the world and are looking to buy in a few years and the economy is super slow and nobody want to buy houses anymore...and that is not happening. Good luck.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I agree.


You’re entitled to your opinion (which most I agree with) only thing I disagree with is all members don’t take years to get through this program. I’m living proof.Main question is who did you go with and what were their terms? Did you find a NO PMI loan you can refer people to?

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