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After a year of appointments being cancelled, counselors not returning calls/emails, volunteering my time, paying NACA dues, getting our credit pulled, fixing our credit on our own and saving $15k ... WE ARE DONE WITH NACA.

I recently had my appointment (that was scheduled 2 months in advance). We show up, wait 20 minutes for my useless counselor to call us in only to find out------he's been FIRED! He should've been fired a year ago as I suggested. I requested a new counselor 9 months in when I realized he hasn't done a lick to our file.

So you know what this all mean? We get to start the process all over again with a new counselor because they finally realized the old MC was useless.... Yayyyyy... Not‼.

I have 2 thick binders that's dedicated to our NACA file, although we uploaded everything with our MC last month and we kept it updated by uploading our documents ourselves to keep it in order. Imagine our surprise when the new counselor asked us for every stitch of paperwork we've been bringing to NACA for the last YEAR! It is A LOT of paperwork!. I am LIVID.

Now this counselor, has lowered what we were originally approved for ($189000) it's been lowered three times. this new counselor gave us another 2 pages of things to get done, save $1200 a month, Which is not a problem but I notice the money we have to save keeps going up but what we can get approved for keeps going down.. Why is that? she also wants to push us back 6 months...

No, no, no, no no no no no, no. Not going to happen. That would be 2 years! Honestly, I was done 9 months in but my husband wanted to give it until November.

I wish I would've remembered how they almost cost my mom her house. If I hadn't immediately got her in a real program that could help her save her home she would've been homeless. My mom was $31,000 behind by the time I got her in the HHF program due to NACA and BOA. The program not only paid the $31k she was behind, they lowered her mortgage and interest rate.

At the time I honestly thought it was BOA and Naca was not at fault. but now, I'm thinking it was NACA & BOA. BOA stalled, and NACA did nothing. After dealing with them myself for the last year and 6 months trying to get a loan.

I can 1000% say NACA is HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE‼. We have a 789 credit score $15k in savings, no credit card debt, no outstanding loans, all bills have been on time for the past 4 years, both of us have years at the same job, both make decent enough money, don't owe the irs.. Nothing----yet, this means NOTHING‼. We can't give them 2 years.

We don't need them. As soon as I left that useless appointment I immediately RSVP for the 8 hour Homebuyers course to get the grant plus our bank has an awesome loan program happening right now. low downpayment, low interest rate and NO PMI praise God...basically NACA without all the b.s. We are blessed.

I read reviews of folks loosing their homes waiting on NACA, there's reviews of people loosing their money due to NACA not being able to close on the home on the date that was arranged. I feel sorry for them. there's good reviews but few and I really don't believe half of them. after having my own experience with naca no way I'd be able to recommend them to anyone.

The bad reviews are 1000% TRUE. don't you find it odd everyone is complaining about the same exact things? I can understand one or two pissed off people but there are THOUSANDS of complaints about the same thing on different sites. NACA has been in business for over a decade yet only closed on 60 houses-- why is that?

Why is it there's more complaints than praises? the naca program would've been awesom but they way its runned is just horrific. we by no means thought the process was going to be quick or easy. I actually expected to be waiting at least 6 months.

I never imagined a year and 4 months and now this new counselor wants 6 more months and for me to volunteer --AGAIN (even though I already did my volunteering for this YEAR!) NACA claim they fight predatory banks---umm, their loans are through BOA, WELLS FARGO. How can you do business with these so called predators? . The MC's get a commission.

Hence, why they keep having these workshops to get more and more people without even assisting the thousands they already have. NACA is for people that can't go anywhere else have little to no credit, no money saved, have debt, ect. the people that say oh, NACA helped me either got super lucky with a competent counselor that actually gave a damn or they just didn't have a choice but to give NACA 2 years of their lives. I just want to know how to get our sensitive personal information removed/deleted from their system?

this just isn't for us. good luck to everyone who wants to give them a go. my experience started off awesome 4 months in, sadly it just got worse and worse. it doesn't matter how on top of things you as the homebuyer are, how fast you get through the program isn't up to you.

despite what NACA says and the b.s the 5 star commenters say. expect 6 months - 2 years. don't be delussioned into thinking if you just jump through the hoops your process will be different. I can assure you it won't be.

don't listen to the people that are blaming the pissed off clients for not wanting to waste anymore time with naca, even when they've been doing their due diligence to get through the process.

Most of us are more qualified than the rest and STILL can't move past phase 3. the whole process is a mess.

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