I close with Naca 1year ago and it was long process. But what I can say..

Mr. Bent came in and save the day! I was consistent on getting the job done..No matter how long it took.. I made sure I was going close on my beautiful house.

It was so hard and very stressful.. My house stay under contract pass 45 days... But, With my interest rate .. I would do it over and over again...

At the end it was all worth it!!!! I’ll recommend NACA! Because of Naca I’m first time homeowner:) The key on becoming homeowner is ... Patience, consistency, and prayers!!!

Nothing comes easy.... Everything I have I had work hard for it.. Sooooo many sleepless nights trying close on my house..

God is good! Always remember after storm ; rainbow is near:)#teamnaca!

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Mortgage.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Thank you for sharing. Im just starting on the process so this is encouraging

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