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A Nightmare— I am still hurting over the mistreatment we received from NACA. Endless document submissions only to be told they needed something extra.

Also the counselor or whatever you want to call that person was RUDE— it was like you better not correct me or I will make it even harder on you. It’s like NACA is being ran by a bunch of idiots or demonic sick peoples who get pleasure with causing you frustration. My husband and I thought we were the ones crazy. After 2 years of nonsense, we decided to buy our house on our own.

I would like to hear from the head or president of NACA to see if he/she knows that this is going on or if he/she is part of this torturous scheme. When someone files a lawsuit against NACA. I want to be included. We suffered financial and mental abuse from them.

When I say I am mentally still hurting from that experience I am not playing. I HATE to see the name NACA and I cringed every time I have to pass by that building. I hope to see something happen soon to those no good people whose involved in this NACA fraud.

My best advice is to get you a credit repair person and fix your credit and save enough money to put down on your own. The frustration and torture is not worth it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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NACA had me arrested because I am exposing their blatant regard and violations of State and Federal Laws. Search NACA on facebook and you will see my videos.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need the proper authorities to report them to. Their acts are contradictory to public policy as a 501(c) organization, file a form 13909 with the IRS to start investigation on their tax-exempt status.

to Tblade29 #1701406

I would love to file a lawsuit and hold Naca responsible for their actions. I’m thinking about filing a complaint with the real estate commission. Naca is a joke.

to Anonymous #1704378

They already have various lawsuits against them according to their 2016 & 2017 Comparative Financial Statements and I will be bringing one as well. If you would like to start a class action against them, I will do some research on how to start it. You will need supporters.

to Anonymous #1704379

Sorry, I was not signed in. This is Tblade29 who made the above statement

to ShinyFlamingo #1711011

Shiny Flamingo, Google neighborhood assistance Corporation of america financial statements. There is a 2016 2017 comparative statement in which discloses the lawsuots.

to Anonymous #1706078

How do I retrieve this information about the lawsuits?

to Anonymous #1706285

I would like in on this lawsuit. A whole year wasted

to Anonymous #1707019

Yes, I just lost my house and all of the money I have paid out due to them not closing out mily contract on time. I am now homeless with 2 kids.

They have stopped responding to my calls. How do I receive information about a lawsuit?


I would like to be included in a lawsuit including discrimination practices against whites. Very similar experiences.

If anyone starts a class action please include me. I have tons of very organized documentation.

to ComplicatedSnail #1704380

Have you contacted your State's Department of Human Rights and HUD to file a discrimination complaint? There is a statute of limitations in order to file so please file as soon as possible.


Amen Amen Please let me know is any one filed suite This has to come under the fair lending act NACA violate human rights

to Yvonne Rowan #1704381

If you feel as if they violated the FLA, please contact your States Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint. If you require any assistance, feel free to contact me.

to Tblade29 #1717087

I need your help at this time


I am currently dealing with the same thing. I have documented every time I or my realtor have submitted paperwork only to be told they didn't have it.

I am supposed to close tomorrow. Not happening. This is in the KC office. I filed a BBB complaint but they don't handle non-profits.

Gross negligence and malfeasance at this point.

I called Diego in the Atlanta office who is the regional director. He didn't help much and I may not be able to close until next week.

to Tkc #1628212

I am a realtor and yes NACA is a nightmare. I have been a realtor for many years . Stay away & if you have time to get out go and get a loan somewhere else to do your loan

to Tkc #1704384

You are correct, the BBB does not govern Non-Profits. The Federal Government does.

You can report them to your State['s Charity Bureau through the Attorney General's Office.

They are incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusettes so please file a complaint with their Charity Bureau as well through the State of MA Attorney General's office. If you require assistance, feel free to reach out to me.


I am so disgusted, for me I know it was discriminatory but you can’t file suit against a national company. If we had money to do so we wouldn’t be going there for help in the first place. It’s more than rotten and disgraceful.


They know, they just dont care, and neither does the CEO

to Nacaistheworst #1613777

I am not surprised about the shenanigans with NACA, I don't see any benefit when dealing with them. It is sad but it seems like the people who NACA hires are rejected wanna be realtors or mortgage reps that only know the basics about the mortgage industry but have no idea how to properly handle files.

They are unprofessional and all over the place with inconsistency and horrible communication. I have been dealing with NACA for 2yrs, and finally decided enough was enough after changing from counselor to counselor, seeing agents arguing over files, and switching offices. I finally cleaned up my own credit, saved up my own funds and closed on my own property with a legitimate lending company/bank and it took me only 45days.

My next future scheduled NACA appointment is currently scheduled for FEB 2019...hahahaha that's a joke, forget that, I will have already burnt that ugly yellow and red NACA t-shirt in my new fireplace, spent my 1st Christmas, New Years and gotten comfortable in my new home by the time that appointment comes around. NACA is a joke!


I agree! Communication with the individuals is *** poor.

It takes forever to get a response, and when you do the counselor gets an attitude with you.

This whole has been a nightmare. I wouldn’t suggest anyone to go through this program.

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