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On October the 17, 2015 I went to a NACA workshop in Homestead Fl...No one sowed up with the Booklets so we did not receive them The Guy who was conducting seem to not think about many things ..For two years I have allowed these people to *** me...Asking for the same documents over and over and never progressing further...I sent them hundreds of documents...My income did not improve so there were no changes...After all this I have become homeless...I spent the money I had saved the only money that changes hands was mine for membership fees....I am in the process of seeking an Attorney for legal advice.....This was Obama's cash COW.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Seminar.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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NACA Verified Representative

It is sad to see such a vague, rambling and disjointed complaint such as this one, which even contradicts itself. However, there are several points here that can be addressed.

Even if there had been a shortage of workbooks at the workshop, this still does would not have prevented you from getting one.

The complete NACA Home Buyers Workbook is available to everyone as a free download from our website, or you could have simply picked up a hard copy at the local NACA office any time.

The statement My income did not improve so there were no changes suggests that your income was simply not adequate to buy a home in your area. We can recommend down payment assistance programs that can be used to reduce your interest rate and in turn increase your affordability. However, if your income level is still so low as to not be able to qualify for a loan big enough to buy a home in your area, then you are the only one who can resolve the problem by increasing your income through whatever legitimate means you can or seeking housing assistance such as Section 8 or other programs.

Even those on Section 8 can take advantage of the NACA program through the Section 8 to Home Ownership program which allows your Section 8 benefits to be used toward mortgage payments that will have the home paid for free and clear in just under 15 years.

You claim you are homeless and I spent the money I had saved although it contradicts the fact that you seem to have the money for attorneys fees according to the very next sentence. More realistically, it also suggests that you could not afford your existing living situation at the time, which in turn raises the question of how you were going to be able to afford 30 years of mortgage payments.

One of NACAs most steadfast policies is that we will never allow someone to buy a home they cannot afford, even if that means their situation shows that they are simply not ready for home ownership at the present time.

Finally, it was a huge leap to try to twist this into a political comment at the end. This however only demonstrated that the author is clearly not informed regarding NACAs mission. We are a non-partisan organization and we were very critical of the Obama administrations failure to do enough to help struggling homeowners during the mortgage crisis. The political comment, combined with the disorganized nature of the entire message, strongly suggests that this may well be an entirely fictitious complaint posted by someone for misguided political reasons.

Regardless, whether real or fabricated, this post is unfortunately out of touch with how the NACA program works and NACAs mission of making affordable and responsible home ownership a reality for everyone possible. Tim Trumble Online Operations, NACA

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