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I have been working with NACA for a year and had all my documents ready and given when necessary. Now that my file is in Underwriting, it seems to be so much harder to contact my MC and calls and emails are not being returned for over two weeks after I was told to contact her by phone on a certain day.

Member services acts like they will help but still nothing is being done.

Phone appts were rarely kept like I had all day to wait. Now I feel that I will be forced to sign a new lease as it expires next month.

Wish I knew a year ago as I would of made more of an effort to get a USDA or FHA loan.

MC got us hyped and excited and now we are just disappointed and let down. Feel like our dream was robbed from underneath us!

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: A response and my file moved from Underwriting which has been there since December 24th to purchase readiness.

I liked: Program.

I didn't like: Communication, Empty promises.

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Umm, what makes you think that once you are qualified, you'd be in a house in under a month? Do you know nothing about the NACA process.

Your contract is supposed to have 30-45 days for closing. You'd be an *** to end your lease before you even were NACA qualified.

So, you expect to get qualified, find a house, make an offer, beat out other buyers, get under contract, have your file then goto the bank for the FIRST time, get through bank underwriting, then close, all in less than 30 days?

Buffalo, New York, United States #933802

I agree I was very excited also I have to be out of my apartment in 1 month because ,y landlord had to fill out a form for naca and found out I was buying a home and will not renew my lease and I have been let down buy naca also!!!!

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #933619
Naca Verified Representative

The NACA process is not designed to be a fast process. It is detailed and thorough.

It does take time.

When the file is sent to Underwriting it is out of your MC's hands until a response is received. If you are having trouble reaching your MC, you can always call NACA Member Services at 888-404-6222 for help.

Tim Trumble

Online Operations, NACA


you think nada is bad, go ahead and try with fha or usda. Then you will learn the true meaning of slow and frustrating.

December 24 was the beginning of the holidays.

Cut them a little slack. Or start over with someone new and see how they treat your dreams.

to Anonymous Buffalo, New York, United States #933803

I have given a lot of slack to naca there is only one helpful person and that is tammy at the buffalo office and there is only so much she can do I have been waiting for a approval letter for 2 weeks now and guess what that property has sold my emails get ignored so no more slack from me!

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