I can't say enough bad things. NACA seemed well worth the time at first, everyone friendly, ensuring, accomodating, then 12 hours later at a NACA event, you go insane. Hundreds of workers, thousands of people rotated through and only three modifications or adjustments (you know because they make announcements/bang gongs when a success actually happens).

We were there for Bank of America who had by far the largest staff, the only bank who hired security guards for their staff (hmmm, wonder why?!) and 0, zero, zip, nada announcements/bang gongs because they had not been able to do a thing for anyone the entire day!!! With hundred or so of NACA staff, a few hundred or more BOA staff and more "other large banks" (Citi, Wells Fargo, Etc.), and thousands of people, why were only three people, THREE PEOPLE, able to get relief??

If we saw a portion or a sizable about of people get relief, even though we didn't, we could shrug our shoulders and say we tried...but THREE PEOPLE make us think - who is profiting here?? Not NACA, they are non-profit, however, the banks certainly have a lot to gain as they can say they are with NACA trying to right the wrongs and trying to help the people.

Remember, not one person rang the gong from the largest sector, Bank of America. What the *** is going on here?? McComick Place in Chicago made a *** of a lot of money on $21.00 parking and Starbucks on $5.00, 6 oz. orange juices, but that's about it. These events are campaign marketing for BOA and other to say they are trying to help the foreclosure epidemic. They hope this will help them save face. Awful, stressful day for so many who travelled far, spent more than they should and some even brought their children. So sorry I went. A front for mortgage companies to attempt to save face. NACA is a mortgage company enabler an not an advocate.

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