When I initially met with my counselor, I met NACA's financial requirements and all was needed was my documents which was submitted except my voter registration which was submitted during the second meeting and upon my counselor's request. Three months and I am still waiting approval.

The underwriter requests the same documents. The underwriter finds reasons to request explanations of the submitted documents.

I do not understand why NACA wasted three months of my time requesting the same documents. NACA is not helping those that are in short turnaround but wants folks that will take years to get a loan.

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You know what you are absolutely right. They seem to help ppl who can invest in years to become qualified. I suppose those who could not be as patient and left their purchase program probably will have to deal with identity theft


Naca is full of ***. I worked for cheap *** Bruce and the Employee will never get a raise.

Alot of people have lost their homes. The place is a nightmare


Josette1970, I fill your pain. I closed on a property through the Chicago NACA area and have had problems ever since.

I had to come to closing with closing funds for the rehab needed; NACA has those funds for the rehab project.

The contractor I hired never showed up for the job / rehab work. NACA still has my funds.

I was able to move into my property but repairs are needed now and NACA still has my funds. I had to come out of pocket to fix some of the major work needed, just so I could live in the property.

You are right this is how families loss their home.

NACA is scamming members; once you close they just leave you to die.

to Anonymous #1413194

Was their ever recourse? I am dealing with this now.



NACA Chicago / Hand Dept. San Antonio TX.

I closed on a property on April 24th, 2015, threw the Chicago NACA program.

The rehab work was cleared to start on the 8th of May. It should have been finished on July 18th, 2015 (it has NOT) It has been a NIGHTMARE / MONEY PIT ever since.

I have sent emails & left VM to the Chicago & San Antonio TX (Hand Dept.) throughout the entire process of the many issues I have faced.

Finding out that I closed on the property without property insurance – it took over a month to straighten that out which caused my escrow to increase which caused my monthly mortgage to increase (2) months after closing my mortgage went from $1,392.50 – to over $1700.00.

I had to fire the contractor (which I chose from the vendor list from the NACA program) & the contractor has not returned the rehab materials that he has for my project (he started work without pulling a permit, I didn’t find that out until after I fired him) --- I am now out of about $5k in material money. NACA will not replace the money that was spent for the materials.

I believe the contractor has stolen my rehab materials (since I fired him on July 1st). 1st the contractor claims he will get the items ready for me then not 2 minutes later I receive a text claiming that his storage unit was broken into.

I am unable to live in the property and have been paying a mortgage since June. I have a Mortgage for a property I can’t live in, Rent I must pay for a property I can’t move out of & (2) sets of utilities. Because I am not in the property I bought, someone keeps trying to break into the building the ADT alarm goes off @ least 2-3 times per week.

Please note that the Funds / Rehab money that NACA – Hand Dept. is holding of mines is not a grant (money that was given to me). It is extra funds added to the property loan. The building cost $130K, the rehab work was a little over $77K, and the total loan amount for 30 years is over $216K.

And I am unable to live in the property or get any help from NACA ---- this is how people lose their homes. NACA / The Hand Dept. are very quick to inform a member that they have a very heavy case load. That should never be member’s issues.

It should never take 2 or more weeks for someone to get in touch with you --- when it’s our MONEY. Everyone in the HAND Dept. should be FIRED, since this is how you treat the members after closing. NACA / The Hand Dept.

is very quick to let a member know when they have done something wrong or missed something after signing a tone of different papers, they will not remind the member of important things --- so when a problem does come up it’s the members fault.

NACA has made sure that all of their T’s are crossed & their I’s are dotted the members are just on their own --- Which is NACA / DEBT / ***. Chicago ---- HOMELESS / INDEBT / NACA Member,


I feel your PAIN! I was approved for the NACA process on July23,2015

Turned in a fully executed offer and paid for a home inspection $400 Paid for termite inspection $125: ON July 25 and 28 respectively.Today August 26th 2015 I'm still having a so called underwriter requesting the same doc that i have provided multiple times.

The premise of a NACA loan on paper is great but the way they bully you around is down right disrespectful. I currently have driven over 1000 miles back and forth to the closest NACA office and have volunteered my time to 2 different NACA events. I have to much of my own time and money invested to change lenders but would have a hard time recommending NACA!

If you have patience IE the capacity to tolerate delay without getting angry or upset start the NACA process now and save hard!

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